Hi, I'm Jeremy

I'm a designer, developer, aspiring artist, and woodworker. I'm a hybrid creative type, a bit of both analog and digital, my left and right brain both on a first wave basis.

I've spent the last 9 years working as a freelance designer, user interface developer, and small-business consultant contributing my passion, experience, and love for a challenge towards all variety of interactive projects. Prior to freelancing, I spent 10 years learning and growing as a technology professional within both corporate and agency roles.

Although I tend to be insatiably curious and therefore relish any out-of-ordinary opportunity, my favorite projects tend to involve some degree of design challenge - translating a complex (sometimes critical) idea, process, or product into an understandable nugget of consumable knowledge for its intended audience.

I'm also a builder of a tangible something or other now and then.  I have tools that get used. Restoring life into the old and the unassuming brings me some sense of happy that seems to last.  Incorporating a bit of personality and expression into this kind of work is a door I like to leave open.