Hi, I'm Jeremy

I design and develop user interfaces. I'm a hybrid creative type, a bit of both analog and digital, my left and right brain both on a first wave basis.

My first computer was a 1973 Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1 given to me by my junior high math teacher. I cut my web choppers wrangling HTML4 tables before CSS was even a thing. Built my first client website entirely in Flash v.4 - so 'goToAndPlay' my fellow Praystation homies. All back in the wild west of 2001.

For the last 10 years, I’ve worked as a freelance front-end developer with a professional niche architecting and building out living style guides', development centric component libraries, 'design systems', anything that facilitates a design to development workflow and the respective experiences within.

I love what I do, love to learn, to build things, work with my hands, and as of late trying to find more creative ways to entertain my insatiably restless cat, Mopar.