For the most part I design and build interfaces and apps for a variety of client types on a project by project basis. I spend some of my other time contributing and/or volunteering, helping to build and maintain open source applications, public spaces, helping out at the woodshop, refurbishing bicycles for kids, or doing whatever I can to give back a little.

Behind the scenes, I’m usually modding something, building furniture, experimenting with metals, creating ‘art’, watching old Richard Feynman lectures or zeroing in on a new milling base.  I do  try to use as much reclaimed or abandoned material I have on hand or can find locally. As of late, I’m practicing (now waiting) with a variety of wood spalting techniques which seemingly does nothing really amazing (for months) until the inoculated specimen is resawn, planed down, or turned.

In the short -0r- long term future, I’ve set intention on integrating the artistic and technical trait I’ve picked up over time with global and domestic open sourced data streams that (hopefully) meshed together, may (or may not) portray stories that promote awareness, critical thought and/or hope within communities or small circles of broken families, impoverished youth, and drug or alcohol addicts. Perhaps, at the very least, the work (or story) simply facilitates enough attention from a concerned audience or a philanthropic investor that directly (or indirectly) facilitates growth, healing, and community leadership wherever needed on a daily basis.